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	Christmas cookie recipes for Nutmeg Fingers and Little Spice Cookies and Spice Drops and Braune kager - Danish brown cookies and Basler Treats and Christmas Stars and Grittibaenz (Swiss Santa Claus) and Braided Butterflies and Liegnitzer Gingerbread and Gingerbread Christmastree Decoration and Gingerbread Hearts and Gingerbreads and Gingerbread Christmastree and Gingerbread Family and Little Gingerbread House and Santa cookies and Almond Gingerbread and Chocolate Macaroons and Luebecker Coconut Macaroons and Macaroon Rings and Filled Christmas tree and Vanilla Kipferl and Nougat Kipferl and Norwegian Christmas loops and Swabian Springerle and
Christmas time is cookie time:

Many new features have been integrated during the last year! Brand new is our Shop where you can buy, mugs or an xmas-coockies apron.

The 'print' version now provides you with PDF or 'plain text'. As a highlight, now offers you a shopping list generator. To create a list, just click on the link 'Add to shopping list' in the upper right hand corner on the recipe page. If you want to print the list, or just see what you already have on the list, just click on the 'Shopping list' button in the main navigation on the left hand side. The print version contains both the recipes and the shopping list.


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